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New Release – White Pinot 2012

After losing our Bacchus crop to powdery mildew last year we decided to try something new. We had a good yield on our Pinot Noir grapes so we chose to produce a White Pinot made only from these red grapes.

This unoaked white pinot is pale gold in colour. It has fruity flavours of grapefruit, melon and green apples with an aroma of spicy almonds, mouth-watering acidity and a long finish.It is very delicate in nature and since it has been released it has been very well received.

It is amazing how our Red Pinot 2009 and White Pinot 2012 are made from exactly the same grapes from the same field (albeit different years) but they have such different unique flavours due to their treatment in the wine making process. This duo would make a fantastic combination for any dinner party.

We only produced a small amount so please place any order quickly to avoid disappointment.